Not only are we responsible for what we do, but also for what we don't do.

Nobody – us at least – wants a used AirMarker to be left lying around somewhere in the countryside. That's why we take the balloon back after an emergency use and replace it at a special price. On the one hand, this guarantees that your AirMarker is always in perfect condition and can be easily released. On the other hand, you support us in our efforts to act sustainably. When developing the AirMarker, we focused first and foremost on uncompromisingly safe functioning and then on «design for recycling», which makes recycling possible in the first place: wherever possible, we use materials that already come from a material cycle or that can be returned to a material cycle.

Sustainably thought through

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Cleverly packaged

The AirMarker is delivered well protected in a paper-cardboard based packaging, even the adhesive tape is plastic-free.

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Design for recycling

With certificate: the AirMarker balloon is made of recycled plastic and can be recycled again after use: it is industrially composted. The same applies to the helium cartridges made specifically for us out of metal, which are given a new life in scrap metal processing.

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All components of the AirMarker are manufactured in Europe. In this way, we keep the sourcing and transport distances as short as possible.

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Recycling fee

Of course, we also pay the recycling fees required by law in the individual countries.

AirMarker Circle of Life

AirMarker Circle of Life

With AirMarker, you purchase a balloon rescue system. To ensure absolute reliability, we have created a closed loop system. This means that we stay in touch after the purchase. By registering your Airmarker at My Basecamp, you will benefit from our complete service: for the safety check of material, batteries and lights (after five years for the first time), for returns and for all questions concerning your AirMarker.

By returning your AirMarker after an emergency use, you ensure that the individual components can be recycled carefully and professionally. You will also receive a discount code from us and buy your next AirMarker at a special price.

How to return your used AirMarker

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Please log in to our returns portal with your AirMarker serial number and email address (scan QR code).

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Fill out the return form: Tell us how and where AirMarker was helpful to you.

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If available, send us pictures and/or video footage of your AirMarker use.

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Would you like to share your story with us? Then we would be happy to get your permission.

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Print out the return document, stick it on your package and take your AirMarker to the nearest post office. The return shipment is subject to a charge for postage.

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We will check the AirMarker you sent back. If everything is in order, you will receive a 25% price reduction for the purchase of a new AirMarker.