Innovation that saves lives

Sepp Stenger has made it his mission to live simply and in harmony with nature. He, the tour guide, avalanche expert, adventurer and mental coach, knows how to move in the great outdoors. He is convinced that if you have confidence in yourself and in the mountains, you are well prepared. Nevertheless, he never leaves his safety to chance.

With the AirMarker, the queasy feeling in the stomach area disappears

The AirMarker R.One has recently been added to Sepp Stenger's safety equipment. The AirMarker has become his permanent outdoor companion: «Gorges and valleys, high up to the peaks, close to the firmament. In the wilderness far away from civilisation, in close contact with the elements. Returning to base camp with intuitive confidence and on safe footholds.» But what if a grip doesn't hold, my foot can't find solid ground and I fall victim to the rough terrain?" The AirMarker in the pack prevents that sinking feeling in the stomach. Sepp Stenger: «It's cool that there are people whose innovation can save lives.»

Sepp Stenger küsst einen AirMarker
Selfie von Sepp Stenger mit einem AirMarker