Locating people in an emergency situation by aerial search is highly challenging.

«People in open terrain can be extremely difficult to spot. AirMarker helps us to speed up the location of people during a search flight and can therefore save lives.»

Markus Reichenbach, Head of Rescue Service and Paramedic, Swiss Air-Rescue

AirMarker is visible even from afar

Making searches for victims of accidents or missing people significantly faster – This was Rico Dürst's most profound wish and drive, which first inspired the concept and then led to the development of AirMarker. Two years and countless tests later, AirMarker is all set to fly. The high visibility of «the emergency triangle mid-air» also impresses Markus Reichenbach. He is a paramedic, head of all 14 Swiss Air-Rescue Rega helicopter bases and often flies along on missions to rescue people. Although every Rega helicopter gets airborne five minutes after receiving an emergency call, the search for missing or injured people can take a considerable amount of time. This is because of incorrect or insufficient coordinates, weather conditions resulting in difficult visibility or the type of terrain on the ground, which complicates the location of people. This is where the bright orange signalling balloon AirMarker provides precious assistance, as it floats in the air and is therefore clearly visible from afar.

Ein Suchhelikopter der Rega im Einsatz in den Bergen
Flugaufnahme einer Landschaft aus einem Helikopter

This is why AirMarker is a must-have for your outdoor equipment.

With AirMarker you add a powerful safety tool to your outdoor equipment. AirMarker helps to accelerate the rescue process by reducing the searching time for people in an emergency situation. Check it out.

Rettungshelikopter der Rega findet den AirMarker
Landschaft von oben aus Sicht eines Suchhelikopters