In search of perfect conditions

Hiking, biking, hunting: everything was actually ready for our outdoor photo shoot, but then the weather messed things up for us: the scouted locations had been transformed into a winter landscape by the early snowfall and therefore no longer offered the right backdrop for our planned shoot.

Shooting in rough terrain

As our previously scouted locations were surprisingly covered in snow on the planned date, we had to change our plans and look around at lower altitudes. We, AirMarker host Roman Flütsch and the well-coordinated team from Hals und Beinbruch, decided on a shoot around Malans, above Maienfeld and below the Falknis. This landscape, where the idea for the AirMarker was born, offers everything we need to highlight the product's strengths in the right light: Seclusion, a varied topography, different undergrounds, hiking trails, biker trails, hunting grounds for deer hunters.

Wanderer beim Fotoshooting in der Umgebung von Malans
Verschneite Berggipfel spiegeln sich in einem glasklaren Bergsee

Always where the perfect light is

To ensure that the scenery and the light were just perfect for each predefined situation, we aligned the shoot with the course of the sun, carried the equipment on our shoulders and moved forward from location to location, driven by the tight timing. Roman Flütsch got on his bike, lay down in the undergrowth with his gear, walked and climbed through pathless terrain. Diego and Alec from Hals und Beinbruch followed his lead, filming and photographing the diverse situations from a variety of perspectives. After two days, we had gathered enough optimal film and photo material, which – edited and cut together for the videos – will be used for the various communication activities to promote AirMarker.

Mountainbiker in verschneitem Gelände
Die Filmcrew überprüft das gefilmte Material gleich vor Ort