Mountain sports

AirMarker R.One

CHF 199.00
The AirMarker R One fits in any backpack. Ready to use in an instant, its eye-catching colour and ability to hover at altitude completes your safety equipment when you're on or around the mountain. In case of emergency, the signal balloon can rise to 45 metres. The flight altitude of the glowing orange signal balloon can be adjusted to the terrain and weather conditions with the rope and by fixing the carabiner to the AirMarker cover. The carabiner with the elastic band is also used for securing in the field to equipment, a tree, stone or rope.

The AirMarker R-One costs 199.– CHF, EUR and 239.– USD in the respective currency.
The currency classification for purchase orders will be handled as follows:

  • Switzerland & Principality of Liechtenstein: CHF
  • Europe: EUR
  • Rest of the world: USD coming soon

The «AirMarker» system is based on a trigger unit and a luminous balloon that can rise to a height of up to 45 metres on a resistant high-tech rope. Once in place, it signals visibly, clearly and without any doubt from afar that someone needs help. The robust exterior of the AirMarker R One is made of ABS plastic. It includes the trigger unit with special helium cylinders, the connecting line made of a high-performance synthetic fibre and the special balloon with integrated light source.

Case cover ABS
Connecting line Up to 45 m
Balloon Shape/Size Round, Ø 41 cm / 16 inch
Balloon material Veraplex film
Duration of use Up to 3 days
Light source Yes
Reflectors Yes
HeliuHelium cylinderm-Zylinder 3 × 63 ml
Finish Splash-proof
Fuse Carabiner
Release unit 1
Serial number Yes
Use One time. After one use, customers can return their AirMarker and we will replace it at a special price.
Size 95 × 84 × 251 mm
Weight approx. 890 g