Being brave is not about not being afraid. Being brave is about finding a path to overcome fear.

Nature is enchantingly beautiful, but also volatile, challenging and, unfortunately, only partly predictable. Thinking ahead is therefore important, because planning in advance means being prepared for all possibilities. The confidence of reliable equipment not only gives you courage, it also intensifies the feeling of freedom. With the AirMarker Balloon Rescue System you complete your safety equipment, because it provides the right signal effect when you need help.

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AirMarker Circle of Life

AirMarker Circle of Life

Mit deiner Registrierung im AirMarker-Basecamp bleibst du erstens auf der sicheren Seite und kommst zweitens in den vollen Genuss unseres lückenlosen Services und relevanten Informationen: beim Sicherheitscheck, bei Retouren und überhaupt bei allen Fragen rund um deinen AirMarker.

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The saving twist: AirMarker was developed to save lives.

If you're out in nature, you know that accidents can happen quickly and can affect even the most skilled people. A sudden change in the weather, a root that has been overlooked, a danger zone, uneven ground or a wrong step are enough to bring you into a difficult situation: injured, off the path, needing external help.

From now on, every minute counts. The AirMarker was developed to shorten searches and save valuable time. It is a visual rescue signal that is easy to use and works everywhere and at all times: The AirMarker consists of a trigger unit and a bright orange balloon. This is triggered with a slight twisting movement, the balloon unfolds, then it rises on a resistant high-tech line to a height of up to 45 metres. Once there, it fulfils its task: hovering above the landscape, it signals from afar that someone needs help. Once triggered, the AirMarker marks your location and signals it, with light and a reflective effect.

Why AirMarker belongs in your luggage

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Location information

The location information provided by the person who has had an accident or is in distress or by a third party is often inaccurate. In addition, the technical transmission of the location information is often not possible because there is no connection.

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Impassable or unclear terrain, forestation, rocky outcrops, crevasses, etc. make it difficult to detect injured persons – even from the helicopter.

Illustration Feldstecher


Visibility conditions

Sun, rain, fog, dusk and night: they all complicate the search.

Illustration Stopuhr


Time factor

Whether injured or missing: every minute counts.