Be ready for our flight – AirMarker is flying soon.

This was our approach and nine interested sales agents from Switzerland and Germany accepted our invitation to Munich.

Thoughtful and professional!

We must admit: Although we were top prepared and went through pretty much every question several times, the pointers on the tension indicator went wild. For the first time, we stepped out of the "inner circle" and presented the AirMarker in detail. Nine sales agents from Switzerland and Germany were in the audience, who will be on the road from 1 June 2023 to make the dealer network for the AirMarker bigger and bigger. The product, philosophy and strategy met with a lot of positive response, but the sales agents also confronted us with crunchy detailed questions about handling and sales strategy.

After a long day, it was clear: our sales agents are extremely motivated and at the same time proud to be able to offer their customers a new product with the AirMarker, which represents its own, unprecedented category in the outdoor market.

AirMarker Crew beim ersten Sales Meeting in München