Challenge Accepted – Mission Accomplished

We are proud that we were able to present our project in a keynote entitled «2 years in 20 minutes» at the «Sports Management Sports Economics» conference of the Federal Office of Sport (FOSPO) on 26 October 2023.

Introducing a worldwide novelty!

The framework was set, the specifications were made: all keynote speakers had the challenge of presenting the story behind the business case to the assembled audience in as exciting a way as possible in just 20 minutes. Rico Dürst accepted the challenge, travelled to Magglingen and presented the AirMarker, the only world first among all the presentations.

«It was exciting and time was damn short to tell the exciting story from the idea to the market launch,» Dürst said when asked by the organisers. «I was very pleased with the feedback from the participants.»

AirMarker would like to thank Peter Bruggmann from ASMAS Sportfachhandel Schweiz and Florian Droux and his team from the Federal Office of Sport FOSPO.

Rico Dürst bei seiner Keynote Rede in Magglingen