AirMarker AG
Industriestrasse 4
7208 Malans

E-Mail: basecamp(at)

Authorised representative(s)

  • Rico Dürst, Founder & CEO
  • Daniel Wattenhofer, Partner

Entry in the Commercial Register

Registered company: AirMarker AG
Trade register No.: CHE-157.259.949

VAT number

VAT ID: CHE-157.259.949, ATU79211149

Recycling registration number(s)

  • WEEE Reg.-Nr. DE 43993643
  • Batt-Reg.-Nr. DE 83794650

Registered trademark

«AirMarker» (fig.) is a trademark of AirMarker AG registered in Switzerland and internationally. Any use of the AirMarker trademark or other protected trademarks of AirMarker AG is only permitted with the prior written consent of AirMarker AG.

Patent protection

The AirMarker is a patented product of AirMarker AG. Any use, reproduction or distribution of the AirMarker is forbidden without the prior written consent of AirMarker AG.


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Picture credits

Some of the images featured on this website are from and were taken by the following photographers: Kasuma F. Gruber, Lance Asper, Sam Sommer, Axel Brunst, Corsin Taisch, David Gavi, Niklas Tidbury, Jens Herrndorff, Todd Diemer, Sylvain Mauroux, Joel Jasmin, Luis Gherasim, Diogo Sousa, Maxime Gilbert, Clemence, Janis Fasel, Ivan Shemereko, Joshua Fuller, Yves Moret, Frederik Rosar, Yannic Laderach, Thijs Kennis, Janik Fischer, Jan Antonin Kolar