The AirMarker flies for you. Then, when you need it, it ascends to heights of up to 45 meters and can glow in the dark for up to three days. This significantly shortens the search for missing or distressed individuals.

AirMarker, das Balloon Rescue System

Venture, set off, face the challenges of nature, engage body and mind and experience great moments in return: This is what it means to live to the fullest. With the AirMarker Balloon Rescue System in your luggage, you can complete your equipment and increase your level of safety should you get into an unfortunate situation during your outdoor adventure.

On the road with AirMarker

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AirMarker Circle of Life

AirMarker Circle of Life

By registering your Airmarker at My Basecamp, you'll stay on the safe side and enjoy our complete service plus all relevant information: safety checks, returns and all questions about your AirMarker.

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